Yesung Picture!!!

Super Junior Winning #1 in Music Bank!!!

After 2 weeks of their comeback, Super Junior win for the first time this week. It was a touching moment for super junior and ELF. All their effort seems to gave a good result...Super Junior Fighting!!!

mv pictures!!!

More Super Junior pictures!!!!

Sorry Sorry MV

At last their mv was out yesterday. After waited for 1 year and 6 month I'm sure ELF was happy with this album. It was totally awesome and I love all song in this album. Super Junior will surely dominate this year!!!

Super Junior Fighting!!!!

Sorry Sorry mv

Comeback on Music bank

Live on Sukira!!!

Live 'Reset'

Live 'Lets not...'

Super Junior Pictures!!!!


I'm totally in love with them. This album was so great and I'm still waiting for my album... :( hope I can get it as soon as possible. My favourite song is yesung voice there :)

All track in their album :